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Pretty Christmas Tree Skirts | Martha Stewart

Tree skirts are designed to dress up the area under your tree, while also protecting your floor from potential damage that could occur over the course of the holiday season—or however long you leave your tree up (if pushing January is more your style, go for it!). Ultimately, though, these accessories are floor-savers: Issues like falling ornaments, dropped pine needles, and spilled water can all wreak havoc on your hardwood or tile flooring, causing long-term damage that lasts far longer than the most cheerful time of year.

A good tree skirts should also pull double duty and protect your ornaments from crashing down on said flooring, resulting in ruined adornments and a safety hazard for family members. All to say, picking out a tree skirt that complements both your holiday décor and your homes existing aesthetic is such an important part of decorating for Christmas. The right iteration will be able to seamlessly achieve both, while also helping to usher the holiday season right into your home.

To help you find the ultimate option, we put together a list of our favorite option that will look great—both before and after Christmas—and protect your home from any wear and tear during the holiday season. Check out our list and choose from designs that can be monogramed, ones that feature traditional colors and imagery, or modern choices that speak to your contemporary style. There’s bound to be something for everyone on this list—just be sure to act fast and order your new tree skirt soon, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.