Statement Outerwear to Add to Your Winter Rotation

Winter dressing—especially in the age of COVID, as we aren’t attending many inside events or maybe not even going into the office—can be depressing. All anyone sees of my wardrobe is whatever outerwear I throw on to buy wine at the liquor store down the block. But as the long winter months stretch ahead, I refuse to only wear that black puffer we all own. It’s time to spice things up, even if it’s only for my fellow dog park patrons. Below, our staffers give their favorite statement coats and jackets to save you from cold weather sartorial monotony.

Shangrila Puffer

I have been obsessed with all of Yali Tribe’s colorful offerings for a while now, particularly what they call their “puffers.” The red and white colorway has been sitting in my shopping cart for a few months now…

Yali Tribe

Fontizi Oversized Flannel Coat

I scored the red and blue version of this coat a few years ago at a Forty Five Ten sale in Dallas and still have it in heavy rotation. Basically a giant fleece, the check pattern instantly elevates a simple turtleneck sweater and jeans.

Isabel Marant Étoile

Kristy Jacket

Another off-season sale score (via Moda Operandi), a very similar version to this black and white Stand Studio jacket offers the perfect monochromatic flair to any look. I sized up so that I can stuff a million layers beneath this jacket in order to survive winter outdoor dining.

Stand Studio

Appalachian Jacket

I’ve always loved a fringe jacket, but sometimes they can look a bit too costumey and I struggle to figure out how to wear them. This Bode piece is beautifully made, and the shade of green makes it a little different and much easier to incorporate into my existing wardrobe.


Stand-collar Curly Shearling Coat

I’m all about shearling in the winter—perfect for keeping warm without sacrificing style. This black piece can be worn again and again without feeling tired and will never go out of style, making it worth the investment for seasons to come.


Teddy-trimmed Cropped Jacket

I love this white winter moment, and the boxy cut makes it easy to layer underneath if you need a little added warmth. I also love the black contrasting details and the pockets on the front.

Proenza Schouler White Label

Jahaira Camouflage Coat

Look up the phrase “statement coat” in the dictionary, and I’m pretty sure you’ll see this spotted, faux-fur number next to it. The camouflage print adds a fun twist on the coat’s timeless silhouette, plus you can pair it with anything. Drape it over sweats on a coffee run to elevate your outfit while still remaining ultra-cozy.


‘La Veste’ Paioù Jacket

With an exaggerated silhouette and an Easter egg blue hue, this cropped jacket is just as fashionable as it is practical. The shearling lining and insulated padding will swaddle you in warmth as you brave the chilly temperatures outside.


Adriano Coat

This is the ultimate multitasking statement coat. The sleeves and hem are detachable, giving you several options when it comes to donning the look. Over the shoulder or arms in sleeves? Waist-length or extra long? With this jacket, you don’t have to choose.


Custom Logo Leather Jacket

Classic leather jackets have been part of both my professional and off-duty wardrobes ever since I can remember. But, it is time to rock something custom to celebrate a series of new cover closets, brand partnerships, and team leaders at Coveteur… Enter: The Jacket Maker. The customization experts at The Jacket Maker couldn’t have been better to work with and this just became my favorite piece of outerwear.

The Jacket Maker

Short Puffer Jacket

Every year, I make sure I have a short puffer jacket within an arm’s distance from my front door. While this won’t be the piece of outerwear that gets me through hours of trekking in the snow, it will certainly come in handy for a brief walk to the mailbox, short run in inclement weather, or a selfie-ready athleisure moment. This light gray statement puffer jacket is also a steal!


Caprier Hooded Belted Quilted Shell Down Coat

I have to literally will myself to leave the house on those cruel winter days when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. I grew up in Florida, so on cold days, a brief trip to the grocery store can feel like a trek through the arctic tundra. That’s when a long down coat is a must, and I love how this Moncler one will make a subtle style statement in army green.


Vinyl Trucker Jacket

I loved last year’s Courrèges craze, and this update on their classic silhouette is adorable. Paired with a thick sweater, I can get away with wearing this jacket on warmer winter days and into the early spring. All I need now to complete the look is a Vespa and a mod bloke to steer it while I look fabulous clinging to his waist.


Velvet Coat

I imagine Tom Holland would wear this coat in Jim Jarmusch’s sexy, brooding vampire movie, Only Lovers Left Alive. When going to see music is less of a public health risk, I will pair this with something short and black and live out my immortal rockstar fantasy.

Collina Strada

Shearling Double-breasted Coat

This coat is unique but not too crazy for everyday wear, and the color pairs well with most wardrobe staples. Sure-fire compliment bate!

Furling by Ganni