November 30, 2023


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Stylest Introduces Shapewear Swimsuits

Stylest Introduces Shapewear Swimsuits

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Courtesy of Stylest

It all started one day at a pool party. A group of mothers and fashion enthusiasts gawked at their friend as she dried off from a dip in the water. Joyann King Michael, a former editor at Harper’s Bazaar, did what any good friend would do. She called out, “Honey, your bra is sticking out of your swimsuit.”

Usually, remarks like this are met with an embarrassed smile and fidgety adjustment, like when someone points out that you have something in your teeth. You’re glad they said something, but wish they didn’t have to. This comment, however, received a more peculiar response.

“That’s been my secret for the last 10 years!” said Chrissy McCurdy, a former buyer for Ralph Lauren whose bra was still sticking out of her swimsuit. “After having my son, I put a bra on to give myself some confidence in swimsuits. It was my hidden secret.”

This unexpected encounter sparked an aha! moment that led Michael, McCurdy, and former Elle editor, Alia Yahia-Bosworth to leave their corporate lives behind and embark on a new journey as entrepreneurs. Their mission? To design fashionable swimwear that combines the function of lingerie with the support of shapewear—and to empower women to have poolside confidence.

The female founders went on to invent Stylest, a swimwear system designed to flatter any figure. The key to Stylest is Aqualingerie, shapewear which give the body an invisible boost that traditional swimwear lacks. The brand also sells chic cover ups like sarongs and instant-dry cardigans to pull together your poolside look, while also providing additional SPF coverage. Plus, you can test out the collection for seven days in the comfort of your own home via Stylest’s fitting room.

Every woman deserves to feel supported, and a pool party after having a baby is no exception. Shop the new line below:

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Sculpting Ruffle Sleeve Zip

Sculpting One Shoulder Tie

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