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    Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

    Balance is a big theme with Victoria Beckham. As a pop star who became a WAG who became a high-fashion designer, her life and work have always been a balancing act of contrasts: the popular and the exclusive, the sexy and the serious, the flamboyant and the sophisticated. It is, in essence, the secret to her success. Like many other brands at this logomanic moment in time, this season Beckham is launching her own monogram. It’s a graphic but clean infinity V.B., which the designer emblazoned across viscose twill dresses, blouses, and trousers in her pre-collection. She referred to it as “subtle, elegant, and chic,” a trinity key to Beckham,…

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    Marina Moscone Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

    Instead of thinking about investment dressing, Marina Moscone wants you to consider treasure dressing. That is, buying clothes that are well-made and practical, but also have a sense of wonder and whimsy about them—a special detail that elevates, say, your most-worn blazer to a blazer you couldn’t bear to part with. Fittingly, Moscone’s muse for pre-fall is a sea nymph who’s been hunting for treasure. But before you jump to Ariel and her thingamabobs, the clothes in this collection are more sophisticated and cerebral than the Disney princess. Moscone is generally known as a purist who favors silhouettes that hang away from the body, creating a tension between the masculine…

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