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As the highly contagious Delta variant continues to surge, masking up may be more important than ever in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. If your face mask stash needs a major revamp, we scoured the internet for some of the most vibrant and stylish options that’ll ease the mask burnout and help keep yourself and others safe.

  • Bingfone Disposable Face Masks, Multicolored, 50 Pack, $17; amazon.com
  • Huheta KN95 Face Masks, Various Colors, 20 Pack, $30; amazon.com
  • Wwdoll KN95 Face Masks, Multicolored, 25 Pack, $40; amazon.com
  • Maskc Blush Tones Variety KN95 Face Masks, 10 Pack, $36; maskc.com
  • Maskc Pink Palette Variety Disposable Face Masks, 10 Pack, $18; maskc.com
  • WeCare Disposable Face Masks, Variety Mystery Box, 50 Pack, $25; amazon.com
  • Ahotop KN95 Face Masks, Camouflage, 25 Pack, $40; amazon.com
  • Ziye Disposable Face Masks, Dusty Rose, 50 Pack, $16; amazon.com
  • Evolvetogether Amazonia Green Face Masks, 30 Pack, $36; evolvetogether.com
  • Evolvetogether Rio de Janeiro Black KN95 Face Masks, 5 Pack, $15; evolvetogether.com

Bingfone Disposable Face Masks, Multicolored

Face Masks Disposable Masks

Simple, affordable, and super colorful, these multicolored disposable face masks are an easy way to upgrade your mask game. The three-ply masks come in a pack of 50 for just $17 (that’s about 34 cents a mask) and include five fun colors: pink, purple, yellow, cyan, and green. If you’re wondering just how stylish they really are, Rihanna styled a green disposable face mask with a Celine button-down while grocery shopping earlier this year, so, clearly, they’re in. Also, over 6,300 people have left them a five-star rating, saying they’re lightweight, “gorgeous,” and a good value.

Huheta KN95 Face Masks, Various Colors

Face Masks Disposable Masks

Huheta’s KN95s are a best-seller on Amazon thanks to over 9,800 shoppers that highly recommend them. Made with the standard five layers most KN95s consist of — two non-woven outer layers, two melt-blown inner filters, and one moisture-absorbing middle layer — the the “sleek-looking” masks come in several colors like navy blue, light gray, sky blue, and burgundy. An ICU nurse called the masks “outstanding” and said they’re the “best in comfort, breathability, style, and fit.”

Wwdoll KN95 Face Masks, Multicolored

stylish disposable face masks

If you’re looking for a multicolored pack of KN95s (versus one pack with the same color), there’s this well-reviewed option from Wwdoll that comes with 25 masks in pink, light blue, red, gray, and dark blue. Not only are the “beautiful” masks approved by a self-proclaimed ″fashionista,″ but shoppers say they’re “durable, reliable, and stay on.”  

Even a hospital worker says the Wwdoll masks helped them “survive COVID-19.”

“They are comfortable and easy to breathe in,” they wrote. “I would recommend these to anyone working in a clinical setting or public services.”

Maskc KN95 Face Masks, Blush Tones

stylish disposable face masks

In case you somehow didn’t know, Maskc’s disposable and KN95 face masks have been worn by practically everyone in Hollywood, including Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Irina Shayk, Hilary Duff, and more (seriously, the list goes on and on). Its KN95s are just as skin-friendly and attractive as its disposable ones, and they come in the prettiest colors, like these blush tones that shoppers say gets them compliments “every time.”

Maskc Disposable Face Masks, Pink Palette

Face Masks Disposable Masks

Maskc’s regular disposable face masks are just as eye-catching as its KN95s; shoppers describe them as soft, “elegant,” and so “breathable” they’ll easily get you through Zumba class. They’re available in these pretty pink shades, neutral colors, and a selection of prints like florals and stars.

WeCare Disposable Face Masks, Variety Pack

Face Masks Disposable Masks

Tie-dye fan? Cheetah-print lover? Perhaps you have a soft spot for plaid? WeCare’s variety masks add a pop to any outfit. Its popular mystery box comes with an assortment of 50 masks that feature all sorts of designs. The brand’s masks have rave reviews from people who love them so much, they’ve emphasized in all caps that they’re “hands down” their favorite masks, and so “extremely comfortable” they forget they’re wearing it. The masks are even approved by a registered nurse who said, “When you need to wear a mask every day all day, it’s so nice to be able to express your personality.”

Ahotop KN95 Face Masks, Camouflage

Face Masks Disposable Masks

Ahotop is often sold out of its eye-catching KN95 masks, but the camouflage pack is back — for now. (We’ll be the first to let you know when its super pretty tie-dye and galaxy packs are restocked.) Shoppers say that other than being incredibly stylish, the Ahotop KN95s are “breathable” and high quality. 

“It feels like a real fabric mask,” one customer wrote. “Even the ear straps are regular nylon, [which is] completely unexpected for a disposable item.”

Ziye Disposable Face Masks, Dusty Rose

Face Masks Disposable Masks

We love these disposable masks from Ziye that come in fancy colors like Dusty Rose and Champagne. One reviewer notes that they even have a “slight pearlescent sheen to it that really takes it a step above.” (Ooh la la.) They’ve racked up over 10,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who say they’re so nice-looking, you can wear them to a wedding. Moreover, customers find them to be “very comfy” and even comparable in quality “to more expensive disposable masks.”

Evolvetogether Amazonia Green Face Masks

stylish disposable face masks

Evolvetogether is another celebrity-loved (and InStyle-approved) face mask brand, worn by stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Emily Ratajkowski, and both of the Hadid sisters. The super sleek masks are available in black, white, navy, gray, dark green, and khaki, and all feature global coordinates of places like NYC, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Malmö, and the Amazon river. Made with a water-resistant exterior and moisture-absorbing inner layer, the three-ply masks are lightweight, come in 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and are made in an FDA-registered factory.

Evolvetogether Rio de Janeiro Black KN95 Face Masks

stylish disposable face masks

Yes, Evolvetogether created an equally polished “I have my life together” look with KN95s. The KN95 masks come in the same colors as the disposable versions, but feature coordinates for different locations like Rio de Janeiro, Mount Fuji, Copenhagen, Santorini, and Marrakech. They’re made with six layers: a water-resistant exterior, two moisture-absorbing inner layers, two meltblown filters, and an odor-reducing activated charcoal layer. Most of the masks are out of stock at the moment, but fret not — a big restock is coming mid-September.