Photographed by John Edmonds, Vogue, September 2020

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to give up on outerwear altogether. There are plenty of jackets that are suitable for the season—a summer blazer among them. Despite high temperatures, this wardrobe staple shouldn’t be ignored. What makes summer blazers different from the rest of your suit jackets is that these styles come in lightweight fabrics or have precisely placed cutouts. And instead of heavy plaids, checks, or houndstooth, these styles are offered in an easy summery color palette—from sandy white shades of linen or lemon yellows and dusty pinks.

How and what you decide to wear underneath is also up to you—for an of the moment look, consider sporting nothing but a bikini or bra top underneath for a night out. Complete the ensemble with your favorite vintage denim or shorts, a strappy heeled sandal, and jewelry. For something a bit more modest (but that still reads stylish and summer-ready), layer one over a sundress or a tank paired with a skirt, shorts, and trousers—just like you would with your fall and winter-friendly blazers.

Not to mention, a lightweight fabric blazer is an ideal transitional piece for summer into fall, especially if you’re looking to pick up a polished piece or two if you’re headed back to the office in September.

For those who want to elevate a look for a night out, are in search of the perfect light jacket for breezy evenings, or simply miss layering, read on and find the best summer blazers to shop now.

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