The third movie in the series shows off a bunch of colorful and adorable looks.

Jam-packed with memorable moments, the final To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movie also has a bunch of really, really delightful outfits.


These are the most stylish characters in the series:

Lara Jean obviously takes the top spot on the list. Why, do you ask? Well, it’s simple really…

Her outfits are always, always reflective of who she is.

From sunny striped dresses to tie-dye sweaters and plenty of adorable hair accessories, Lara Jean dresses for herself only and looks endlessly cute, too.

This jumpsuit is beyond endearing. Plus, the pink belt!


Girly and incredibly darling, Lara Jean’s looks are a personalized mix of colorful and trendy.

Like, this yellow headband is absolutely the sweetest. Her bow earrings, which she wears consistently throughout the movie, also sum up LJ’s style perfectly.

This denim shirt and bandana headband is another winning look.

Take this blue dress, for example, it’s sophisticated on top and full-out romantic on the bottom. The perfect blend!


Kitty Song Covey

Katie Yu / Netflix

Yes, I’m reusing this photo because Kitty’s powder blue suit is a full-on power move.

Kitty really comes into her own throughout the series and the final movie truly shows off her eclectic and authentic fashion sense.

While Chris and LJ look adorable in loungewear, I’m more interested in Kitty’s striped shirt & barrette situation.



Netflix / Via

Lara Jean’s rocker BFF deserves a shout-out. Effortlessly cool in an edgy way, Chris juxtaposes LJ’s girly skirts and platforms. They’d nail the polar opposite friend check.

She’s serious about her outfits, too, even hauling a trunk on their NY school trip.

In a rare laid-back look, Chris still stands out in a fringe sweater. So cute!


Trina Rothschild

Bettina Strauss / Netflix / Bettina Strauss

Trina is the person you’d turn to over a broken heart or to get advice after a hard week. Her outfits, composed of relaxed silhouettes and complementary colors, reflect that.

From adorable jumpsuits to endlessly chic peach dresses, Trina’s style gives off warm, comforting vibes.



Bettina Strauss / Netflix

While he doesn’t get nearly enough screen time in the movie, his accessories game is top-notch. He wears loads of colorful bracelets, and in one scene, has a cross-body fanny-pack like a true Gen Z’er.




I guess she deserves a mention, though I’m still not over her dissing LJ’s shoes in the first movie.

She does have some cozy-cute looks.

While I’m partial to Lara Jeans silky hair ties and signature locket, who do you think has the best style in the series? Let us know in the comments!

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