May 28, 2023


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The Umbrella Academy Her Universe collection lets you dress up like the Hargreeves kids • GEEKSPIN

Fashion company and lifestyle brand Her Universe has launched an apparel collection based on the hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Comprised of blazers, skirts, jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts that are inspired by the Hargreeves kids, the clothing line will make you feel like you’re helping Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, Ben, and Vanya in stopping the apocalypse. Check out the clothing pieces from the collection below:

The Umbrella Academy uniform blazer, $59.90

This uniform blazer will make your dream of dressing up like Number Five come true. Featuring an embroidered crest patch on the left chest, pockets, contrast binding, and button closure, this unisex-style blazer will have you feeling like an honorary Hargreeves sibling.

The Umbrella Academy plaid pleated skirt, $34.90-$39.90

Complete your Umbrella Academy uniform with this pleated skirt inspired by the dress worn by Allison and Vanya as kids. Available in junior and plus sizes, this skirt features a side seam zipper closure and the Academy’s umbrella logo embroidered on the bottom of one of the front pleats.

The Umbrella Academy training jacket, $59.90

Inspired by the one worn by the young Hargreeves children during their training under Sir Reginald Hargreeves, this zip-up training jacket has the Academy’s umbrella logo on the left chest, white contrast piping, elasticated cuffs and hem, and welted pockets. Though listed in men’s sizes, this badass-looking jacket is unisex.

The Umbrella Academy Vanya White Violin hoodie, $49.90-$54.90

If Vanya is your favorite Hargreeves sibling, then this partial zip hoodie will definitely interest you. Featuring an ombré effect inspired by when Vanya transforms from her black suit to her white suit in the season 1 finale, this oversized hoodie features a drop shoulder, graphics of violin strings and f-shaped holes on the front, as well as the words “extra ordinary” printed across the shoulders on the back. This hoodie is available in junior and plus sizes.

The Umbrella Academy Number Five ringer t-shirt, $24.90-$30.90

Available in junior and plus sizes, this ringer t-shirt features a vintage-inspired illustration of post-Apocalypse Number Five pulling his mannequin Dolores on a wagon. If the image looks familiar, that’s because the same exact image is seen on the wall in the nursery of the Hargreeves residence. Completing the t-shirt’s design are the texts “Time changes everything” and “No. 5,” as well as a tiny umbrella graphic.

The Umbrella Academy rain color-block t-shirt, $26.90-$32.90

This oversized color-block tee features a drop shoulder and a cascading rain design inspired by the show’s official season 1 poster. Available in junior and plus sizes, the minimalist-style t-shirt is adorned with the Academy’s umbrella logo on the left chest.

The Umbrella Academy acid wash t-shirt dress, $29.90-$34.90

Show your love for all the Hargreeves siblings with this grey acid wash t-shirt dress that lists each of the superpowered kids on the back: “No.1 Super Strong; No. 2 Super Bitter; No. 3 Super Famous; No. 4 Super High; No. 5 Super Old; No. 6 Super Dead; No. 7 Super Ordinary.” Available in junior and plus sizes, this t-shirt dress also features the Academy’s crest on the left chest.

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