These  Dog Boots Protect Paws from Snow, Ice, and Salt in the Winter

These $30 Dog Boots Protect Paws from Snow, Ice, and Salt in the Winter

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Just like it’s important for humans to bundle up and protect themselves when venturing out in the cold, the same can be said for our dogs. If your pup slips and slides on the ice or your streets and sidewalks are covered with salt for the winter months, it may be time to get them a set of dog boots. And we found the perfect pair on Amazon to get your dog through winter and beyond. 

The best-selling Qumy Dog Boots are loved by over 8,000 Amazon pet parents because they are anti-slip and stay on their dog’s paws as they run and play. The dog boots are easy for pet owners to slip on and off thanks to their wide split seams and two adjustable straps. They have non-slip soles to keep them steady on icy terrain, and the boots are waterproof to protect their paws on snowy or rainy days. 

The reflective straps on these boots will help keep dogs safe on night time walks or in foggy weather. Beach-goers should keep in mind the boots shouldn’t be worn in deep water or fine sand, since there can be some seeping through the stitching areas. They’re available in six colors and eight sizes — just measure your dog’s paws by placing one on a piece of paper and checking the length and width. 

Not only do these dog boots protect your furry friend’s paws from the cold, they’re also great to use in the summer on hot pavements or rocky trails. Some shoppers say they no longer have to treat blisters or stuck-on thorns and burrs after walking in the desert or woods. And the best part? Since your dog’s paws are covered on walks, you’ll no longer have to deal with muddy paw prints on your floors.

Buy It! Qumy Dog Boots, $26.09 (orig. $28.99);

Shoppers praise the top-rated dog booties for standing up to harsh winters, staying firmly on their energetic pup’s paws, and most importantly, protecting their paws from cold snow and harmful road salt. 

“Unlike cloth booties that we’ve previously purchased, these boots are durable and long-lasting,” a shopper wrote. “They can withstand Wisconsin winters while keeping our pup’s paws clean and unharmed from the snow, ice, salt, and other chemicals that are present for half the year.”

Another reviewer said, “These shoes are great! They have solved my snow pup problems. I have a doodle whose hair gets matted and clumped with snow balls if she’s walking in it — but she LOVES the snow and walks. If put on tightly enough and fitted well, they’ll stay on. So far she’s romped through 5 to 6 inches of snow and didn’t lose them.”

Your pup deserves to be prepared for the elements  this winter, so head to Amazon to shop the best-selling dog boots pet owners swear by.