June 6, 2023


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This Hilarious DIY Haircut Tutorial Will Make You Feel Better About Your Quarantine Style

Photo credit: YouTube/WeirDass, Stephanie Weir
Photo credit: YouTube/WeirDass, Stephanie Weir

From Country Living

Our favorite DIY YouTuber and comedian is back with another hilarious update from her series of well-intentioned attempts at special quarantine projects. You might remember actress Stephanie Weir from the seriously chuckle-worthy make-your-own mask tutorial she posted to her YouTube channel earlier this year. Just like the rest of us, she and her character, Kay Pruitt, have been using the extra time at home to develop other useful skills in addition to sewing.

In her latest DIY adventure, Kay tackles the daunting task of the at-home haircut—something many of us have surely attempted ourselves over these last few months. Kay secures her first client, a less-than-enthused young boy, and begins the tutorial with the all the confidence of a professional hairdresser.

She valiantly attempts to copy a very stylish haircut from what seems to be a men’s magazine ad, and instructs viewers to print out a photo of their own desired end result as a “blueprint” to follow while cutting. She starts off strong by wetting and combing her skeptical client’s hair (save a few stray squirts of the spray bottle), but as the video progresses, it becomes clear that hairstyling just might be harder than it looks.

Kay encounters a series of hilarious mishaps, but of course provides herself and viewers with a few words of very important advice: “Hair grows back.”

Of course, “Kay” is actually actress Stephanie Weir, who rose to comedy fame on MadTV and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but is now serving up much-needed humor (with the help of her husband/collaborator Bob Dassie) in these uncertain times. Watch the full video here.

Honestly, cheers to you for trying, Kay! We’re all just doing the best we can.

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