A cough can be so much more than just a cough in the time of coronavirus.

That’s why it’s so important to mitigate environmental conditions that may cause a cough — so you can be alert if and when serious illness creeps in.

Humidifiers are a great way to help a lingering cough and help you get a good night’s sleep. The Missed Global Stella Humidifier ups the humidifier game by serving as a portable and wireless option. And right now it’s on sale for 15% off at just $62.99.

The Missed Global Stella Humidifier is not only wireless and totally portable, it’s stylish and ready to fit seamlessly into any room. It comes with unique dual misting ports that can be used together or separately while providing either intermittent or continuous misting.

Missed Global Stella Humidifier

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With a four-to-six hour battery life and up to 12 hours of activity, while plugged in, it’s perfect for both short-term or overnight needs. It also provides enough coverage for spaces up to 150 sq. ft and is nearly silent, giving off a noise level below 36 decibels.

A built-in power bank lets you charge your phone or other USB power electronic devices on the go as needed. And it’s incredibly low-maintenance, taking only 30 seconds to clean and maintain.

Customers are loving the convenience and benefits of the Missed Global Stella Humidifier brings, with Jackie raving, “Amazing personal humidifier! It’s cordless and portable which means I get to use it wherever I need and it’s been a really good humidifier for my cough.” And happy customer Devon agreed, sharing, “I mainly use my humidifier for coughing and it has helped so much. I leave it on during the night in my bedroom and it’s been a great humidifier for my sleep as well.”

If you’ve been looking for a sleek and convenient humidifier for your space, the Missed Global Stella Humidifier is a perfect pick. You can grab it today for just $62.99.