June 3, 2023


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This Tecumseh woman makes jewelry from cremation ashes and breast milk

This Tecumseh woman makes jewelry from cremation ashes and breast milk

In Tecumseh, Paula McNorton sits at her table prepared to transform breast milk into a souvenir.

She’s been making them for two many years together with cremation jewellery, but commenced out generating casts of palms and toes. Her organization, Paula’s Existence Casting Studio, has created items for men and women as much absent as Spain. 

“From the everyday living casting, undertaking a great deal of newborns in that the mothers would occur in and ‘Do you know anybody who does breast milk jewellery and I was like hmm, breast milk jewellery.’ So I discovered an fascination in that and investigated how to do it,” McNorton explained.

Making a memory

Christina Duquette, mother of two, purchased herself a ring with her breast milk. She explained breast feeding is really hard. She experienced to pump to give her youngsters milk.

A ring around a wooden dowel
Christina Duquette obtained this ring created by McNorton. The white parts are her breast milk in resin and the aquamarine pieces represent her children’s delivery month. (Delivered by Paula McNorton )

“It is really just a way of becoming in a position to acknowledge what you as a mom, your physique was able to do to present for your child,” she explained.

She has not had the ring for extended but mentioned some folks have questioned her, “What do you necessarily mean you set breast milk in jewelry?”

“Right after I describe it, they’re a very little little bit more comprehension,” reported Duquette. “I think it really is undoubtedly starting off to capture on for the reason that I think a lot more mother and father are knowledge how tricky it is for women to be in a position to do it.”

Duquette stated she programs to cherish it for a long time and even pass it on to her daughter Emma.

Producing breast milk jewelry 

Fresh or frozen, breast milk has even been mailed to McNorton from the U.S. Even if it can be absent undesirable it is really preservable with a powder she makes use of.

“All I require is two teaspoons of breast milk and then I do a procedure with it and it basically preserves the breast milk,” she explained.

Soon after that it becomes a gooey paste that requires to be dried, crushed in a mortar and pestle, then it is blended with resin.

“And then I place it in either a ring or pendant,” McNorton mentioned. ” It provides mothers something to hold on to.”

EnjoyPaula McNorton demonstrates how she turns breast milk into manner:

Tecumseh girl would make breast milk jewellery

Paula McNorton can use refreshing, frozen, or even spoiled breast milk and convert it into a ring or pendant. View how she does it.

The jewelry is anything tangible that represents the breast feeding journey mom and child go through, she reported.

“It truly is been really well-known. I have been really surprised,” stated McNorton.

Some mother and father inquire to include sparkle in with the milk, other people have requested to make it the colour of the kid’s birthstone.

“It doesn’t take very long due to the fact the resin that I use is a UV resin, so it cures underneath a UV gentle. So the longest procedure of the breast milking jewelry is the drying out,” she stated.

The overall time to make a piece of breast milk jewellery is about a 7 days.