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This Warehouse Chain Just Debuted an Exclusive New Perk for Members

Buying in bulk is super convenient for shoppers who want to stock up and make fewer trips to the store. But getting all those items home is another story—a pack of 24 cans or 2 pounds of strawberries can get heavy—and sometimes requires manpower and a huge car or truck. It can even be dangerous for customers and employees, as a few warehouse chains sell furniture and heavy electronics.

But one of these stores just announced a brand new way members can get the things they buy right to their doorstep, and it involves a lot less heavy lifting than getting huge items home usually requires. (Before catching up on all the details, This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says.)

Sam's Club
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Called Scan & Ship, the new technology allows members to scan merchandise on warehouse aisles using the Sam’s Club App. The products are shipped directly to their doorstep, and they can check out in a single digital transaction from their phone. Technically, they don’t even need a cart!

How do you locate the new technology? It’s being integrated into the popular Scan & Go feature of the app.

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Sam's Club
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The Scan & Ship member perk is not only helpful for members buying furniture, electronics, and bulk groceries. It also helps customers obtain the exact color or style they want if it isn’t available in their neighborhood store.

“We want to have great items. We want to have disruptive prices. And we want to make sure that we’re providing convenience to our members,” CEO Kath McLay told CNBC. “What we really learned through the pandemic was that we need to stay true to that strategy.”

Sam's Club
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Only three Sam’s Club locations are part of the newly revealed pilot. Unfortunately, the company didn’t disclose all of the locations in its official announcement.

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Sam's Club

The Sam’s Club app has grown to almost 10 million downloads, according to AppTopia. “Positive user reviews indicated that many members enjoyed the Scan & Go feature, which expanded to all Sam’s Club fuel stations in 2020 and saw a 43.5% adoption rate increase year-over-year in Q1,” the warehouse chain adds.

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