If you use Tinder as a dating app, you want to protect your phone, right? If your phone cracks or breaks, it’d be hard to find love.

Tinder is looking to solve that problem with its own proprietary mobile accessories, based on a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office application for “Tinder Made” products that was accepted on Jan. 20.

According to Android Headlines, the line would include common branded products like protective covers and cases for smartphones, and smartphone stands for keeping your phone propped up for while you’re chatting.

One item stood out the most, and ties in with a current trend during the pandemic—“lights for use with mobile phone camera.”

There aren’t many more details there, but based on what companies are doing with ring lights for Zoom meetings and happy hours alike, there’s a good chance that Tinder is trying to help its users find good lighting and up their selfie game.

Along with the smartphone accessories, Android Headlines reported that the “Tinder Made” umbrella of products could also cover apparel, like T-shirts, jumpsuits, overalls, tank tops and more. The trademark also covers accessories like backpacks, cups, towels, hair accessories, games and more.

A lot of these seem like products that would be at home at trade shows and events like South by Southwest or other youth-oriented music festivals, many of which have either formally postponed for the year or are on the fence.

But, it could also be some in-app e-commerce or giveaways, like TikTok and Instagram have done.

And as other services like Bumble and Hinge gain popularity, and Tinder loses its former ubiquity with smartphone dating, it’s more important than ever for it to continue to build its brand and stay competitive.

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