It’s easy to pick out the right shirts and jeans and matching shoes, or even the dress that accentuates your curves nicely and the right heels to go with it, even earrings and other accessories are so easy to pick out but glasses pose a little challenge. It’s not always so easy picking out the right glasses that suit your style and your features. But not to worry, we will be giving you a few tips on how to do that, or you could read online fashion company reviews to choose a good fashion store that will help you pick out stylish fashion glasses.

How to choose a frame that fits your face

Choosing a frame for your glasses is determined by the shale of your face just like your hairstyle or beard depends on the shape of your face. There are five basic shape categories of which everyone should belong to one, we’d talk about how to choose frames depending on the various face shapes as well as other factors to consider when picking out your fashion glasses before you walk into any fashion store, you can visit fashion outlets like Zeelool.

Round Faces

If you have a round face, you should opt for glasses with four-cornered frames. Narrow rectangular frames are perfect for round faces. They make the face look longer while keeping it soft.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are the most popular face shape and fortunately, adapt to various styles, however, glass with really wide frames and less of an obvious nose bridge are the most suitable for oval faces.

Square Faces

Chiseled jaws and angular features are very common especially in men, and round glass frames are a good fit for square-shaped faces.

Rectangular Faces

Rectangular faces are often slim and short, hence glass frames with soft curves that are thicker at the temples are a good fit as they make the face look shorter.

Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces resemble an inverted triangle with a broad forehead and a narrow chin. Thin metal glass frames or rimless glasses are fit for this face shape, as they don’t draw attention to the forehead, hence reducing the width of the forehead.


Another thing you may want to consider when picking fashion glasses is the color. The color also helps it fit right, for instance, a lush tortoiseshell color frame fits nicely with a pale complexion, however, darker skin is open more color choices.

Choosing The Right Fit

The next step in choosing glasses is getting the right fit, especially if it’s your first time, you’d need to get the size of the lenses, your nose bridge size, the frames, and the width of your forehead to make sure your glasses fit right.


Next is deciding on the type of frame that you want to get and there are several options which include:

Acetate frames

Are top-quality plastic frames, they are strong, light, durable, and available in so many different colors.

Metal frames

Are made from different metals and sometimes alloys, they are strong, light and make you look sleek and professional.

Wooden frames

Are quite new and still growing in vogue, however, they have limited styles and they’re not easily malleable or molded like the others.


You could get bespoke handmade glass frames custom made to fit your face.

The tips listed above are just guided to help you pick out great fashion glasses that suit your style and flatter your features, however, the choice is up to you to choose whatever you feel most comfortable in.