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‘Top Chef Family Style’ Producers Dish About Wild Challenges and the ‘Extra’ JoJo Siwa Dessert (Exclusive)

Top Chef Family Style and Magical Elves’ executive producers Tracy Tong and Claire Kosloff revealed that the family cheftestants this season encounter a slew of thrilling guest judges, but the kids, in particular, really got a kick out of pop performer JoJo Siwa. In fact, the kid chefs even built an entire challenge around Siwa. Plus, producers teased some of the upcoming challenges that kept family in mind.

What was the JoJo Siwa dessert challenge?

“With JoJo Siwa … JoJo is so extra,” Kosloff laughed during an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “That’s a word the kids used. We were like, what is the most extra challenge we could design for JoJo? So we did a really insane dessert challenge where sort of the presentation, the spectacle, was part of the challenge. That was great.”