May 7, 2022


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Top reasons you should buy custom flip flops

If you are like most people who frown on wearing custom flip flops, then you are missing out on the freedom that wearing flip flops brings. Understandably, many would think that flip flops are not the best footwear to have as it is not formal, it does not offer any protection and it is not as good as shoes are. These observations may have some truth in it too and if you are one of those persons, then you are also entitled to that, but if you have never tried flip flops before, it would be a disservice to not try it first. Flip flops are a westernized moniker for the flip and flopping sound that these footwears make when you wear them, in the rest of the world it is simply called slippers. It is commonly found in Asian countries where they only have dry and wet seasons and where you can wear flip flops all year round. In the US, flip flops are normally worn during spring and summer when the weather is warm. It is usually made from rubber and it has thongs for you to slip on to and is probably why it’s called slippers. It is different from sandals because it is always flat about a centimeter or half-inch thick, it is made from hard rubber and comes in different colors. It is also quite cheap and is the reason why many people in tropical countries do love wearing them to all occasions and events. Flip flops are considered a poor choice for footwear but when you get to wear them, you would not want to wear anything else. It is a simple and unassuming piece of footwear but it gives the wearer the freedom to move your toes and feet and provides just enough cushioning and protection for the soles of your feet. In the early part of civilization, we did not wear boots or shoes, the wealthy wore sandals and the poor went barefoot. Some do advocate that going barefoot is good for your posture and wearing flip flops is very much similar to going barefoot. Here are a few reasons why you should buy custom flip flops and start wearing them now.

Custom flip flops are fashionable.

Before you dismiss custom flip flops as something simple and boring, make no mistake that flip flops are fashionable. Proof of that is the many celebrities caught on camera wearing flip flops and rocking them. Although slippers may be considered common and unpalatable, custom flip flops are another thing. The kind of slippers that are considered flip flops are a fashion statement in itself. It is now considered the footwear of choice by those who rebel against the conservative and traditional concept of fashion, it breaks all forms of convention and those who wear and flaunt it are considered fashionable. Custom flip flops come in many colors and styles and variations that you can probably own a hundred pairs and it would still not be enough. The flip flop movement has become so important that many name brands have come up with their flip flops retaining the shape and form of the original flip flops and embellishing it with their signature logo or color. If flip flops were not in fashion, those big brands would not waste time coming up with their versions of flip flops. It is also one of those things that you can wear to any event, as long as you are in keeping with the dress requirement, you can get away with wearing flip flops.

Custom flip flops are inexpensive.

Custom flip flops have a very friendly price tag, you can buy two or three pairs for the same price as shoes, and for women who love their footwear that is a great deal. Moreover, we often buy shoes that we do not even get to use because at that time it seemed like a good idea and when you get home you wonder where you are going to use them. It is an entirely different thing for flop flops because you can wear them anywhere, and if you don’t then it could also be great gift ideas. You can even have flip-flops for inside the house, for outside, for going out to the groceries, for eating out, for window shopping, for walking down the beach, and even when you are just chilling. It is so inexpensive that every time you wear one, you are already getting your money’s worth. Moreover, if you decide to buy new pairs, you need not have to worry about going over your spending limit or having to explain to your husband why you have a hundred dollars in shoes.

You can make your design with custom flip-flops.

Custom flip flops allow you to design your footwear, may it be with stones, gems, faux pearls, crystals, studs, flowers, and ribbons. There are many embellishments to choose from and you can choose whichever color and material you want. In the past flip flops only came in rubber but nowadays, they can be as varied as leather, abaca, jelly, and a combination of these materials. So whatever style you are in, you are bound to make your flip-flops uniquely yours and stand out from the crowd. Flip flops can inspire your creativity and innovativeness and your creations can be special gifts to family and friends on special occasions. The sizing for flip flops is generally quite forgiving and as long as you have the sizes for your friends and family, you can be sure that it will fit them to a T.

There are many custom flip flop designs to choose from.

If you are not the creative type, you can still get fashionable and cheap custom flip-flops from numerous online sellers. You can browse through their collections and you will be bound to find one or two that you will love. You can spend time going through their collections and seeing the vast styles and designs that they have will make you want to have them all. As with a penchant for shoes, flip-flops can very well be your newest obsession.