Traditional Clothes from Around the World That You Can Wear Everyday

For centuries, traditional clothing has been much more than just some regular garments: it symbolized the reflection of the cultural heritage of a nation, its identity, religious affiliation, and it played an important role in the organization of events and ceremonies. Today, thanks to the process of globalization we can easily learn about these aspects and honor traditional clothing from all around the world. In this article, we will explore some of the traditional clothes that are still worn by people around the world and that you can also incorporate into your wardrobe.

Kebaya, Indonesia

Traditionally worn by the women from the Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia, kebaya is a lightweight garment with an open front that is believed to have been brought in the region by the Portuguese settlers. Made of thin fabrics such as cotton, lace, or voile these upper garments are still widely worn both for special occasions and on the daily basis, being especially popular among tourists. In fact, kebaya is so comfortable and easy to wear that it became a part of the working uniform for the female flight attendants that work for Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia. There are “Miss Kebaya” pageant contests and Indonesian women try to popularize this clothing for everyday wear by organizing Tuesday Kebaya movement. You can stylize this sheer blouse into your outfits by wearing it with a long cotton skirt for an easy summer look or as an alternative to the basic white button-up shirt.

Ireland, the Aran sweater

Despite not having been around for as long as other traditional clothing, the Aran sweaters have firmly secured their name as an Irish fashion staple. This garment got its name from the Aran islands where it originated from and it was initially knit by the local women for their fishermen husbands. Warm, durable, and versatile, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Aran sweater quickly became famous worldwide and everyone started wearing it, including world-class celebrities. Today, everyone can afford such a jumper and thanks to its original pattern and style, it is easy to wear regardless of what your fashion taste is like. Irish clothing is generally known for its distinctive pieces made of high-quality fabrics, be it the Aran sweater or the shawls and ponchos. Check out to find a wide range of Irish clothing for all tastes and budgets.

Dashiki, West Africa

Dashiki stands out thanks to  its colorful and vivid patterns, as well as their characteristic loose-fitting design and V-neck. This clothing is worn in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya. Depending on its fit, it can be both a formal and informal wear and it varies from a garment that looks like a basic t-shirt to a tailored suit. They are worn by both men and women and are often a part of the traditional attire for celebrations and special occasions, for example weddings or funerals. Dashikis are a symbol of African pride and identity and are popular amongst Africans, the members of the African diaspora, but also the tourists who visit the continent. If you’re lucky enough to travel there, embrace the colors and get yourself a traditional dashiki to wear during your entire trip.

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