June 11, 2023


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Troian Bellisario Opens Up About Preparing for Meghan and Harry’s Wedding

From Town & Country

  • Troian Bellisario recently admitted that preparing for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was a “nightmare.”

  • Troian went into detail about why she was anxious before attending the affair.

Millions of people watched in awe as Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, thus becoming a royal herself. But, Troian Bellisario didn’t have to watch the royal wedding on TV—she was able to see it in person. Troian is married to Meghan’s former Suits costar, Patrick J. Adams (Troian even appeared in two episodes!), which meant they both got to fly across the pond to see history being made.

But, Troian says that preparing for the wedding wasn’t nearly as glamorous as attending it. In a new interview with Stellar, she spilled all the details about what it was actually like to get ready for the ceremony.

“Of course I [had outfit anxiety], and I had it two-fold. One, because I was trying to conceal the fact that I was five months pregnant,” she explained. “I was absolutely positive that it was going to be revealed. But I also had extreme anxiety about… what are they called? Those hat things? That’s it, fascinators.”

Photo credit: USA Network - Getty Images
Photo credit: USA Network – Getty Images

She continued, “I’d never needed a fascinator in my life, and here I was trying to walk this tightrope of ‘Don’t go too big, don’t go too small.’ It was a nightmare.” What saved her was having a stylist prepared to help her through the outfit decision making.

“My stylist, Annabelle Harron, is actually an Aussie, and I called her right before I was about to walk out the door and I was like, ‘Annabelle, this is not a full hat,'” she explained. “And she said, ‘It’s fine, you have a veil, you have a head covering.’ And I was like, ‘If the British press tears me apart, I can never forgive you for this.’ And she said, ‘Trust me, I’m an Aussie. I’ve got you!'”

Luckily, she was right. Troian looked phenomenal on the arm of her husband and, most importantly, her baby bump remained hidden. It wasn’t until three months later that she revealed she was pregnant with her first child, Aurora.

See, everything went according to plan after all.

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