You may be thinking, “why to buy second-hand jewellery” when you could just buy sparkling new items for yourself or your loved one. Yet, for those in the know, there are so many benefits to buying second-hand jewellery; from the obvious enhanced value for money to the opportunity to own your very own piece of history.


What are the benefits of buying second-hand jewellery?

If you have not bought second-hand jewellery before, then we suggest reading about the benefits of doing so. It will give you peace of mind and confidence to make the right choice. One of the reasons for writing this article is that many online jewellery shops like F Jewellery include second-hand jewellery in their catalogues. So, pre-owned jewellery is not only a good choice but it is also available and easy to find. Now you will be delighted to know that there are multiple reasons why buying second-hand jewellery is preferable to buying brand new items. 

The main benefits of buying second-hand jewellery are:

  • Increased sustainability. By choosing to prolong the life of a piece of jewellery, you are ensuring that the processes and resources that went into creating said piece, are not going to waste. Furthermore, you are not actively contributing to an increase in demand for newer pieces.
  • Extra value for money. You can find second-hand jewellery that has barely been worn if you look hard enough, providing excellent value for money on pieces that are practically brand new. Plus, you can resell second-hand jewellery for a similar price to which you bought it, whereas brand new jewellery will depreciate in value from the moment you purchase it.
  • The prospect to own a piece of history. If you love to imagine the life your jewellery had lived before you owned it, then second-hand jewellery is the best choice for you.
  • A chance to find vintage items. For lovers of all things vintage, second-hand jewellery can offer you the chance to own an item from a different era.

How to buy high-quality second-hand jewellery

Although you can find some amazingly high quality and authentic pieces of second-hand jewellery both online and in physical stores, you are also just as likely to encounter fake or low-quality items.

Fortunately, by following the below advice, you should be able to avoid the rip-offs and get your hands on the real gems.

  • Check for hallmarks. You should also check for hallmarks or stamps that state the carat rating of gold jewellery such as 9ct, 14crt, 18crt, or 22crt for white or yellow gold.
  • Utilise a magnet. Real gold will not be affected by a magnet, so if in doubt, use this technique to prove the authenticity of gold.
  • Shop around. If you are unfamiliar with the jewellery market, it is a good idea to get a feel for it first before you dive in and start spending.
  • Build a trust before you buy. If a deal looks too good to be true, or if you are worried about the details being wrong, just contact the retailer. Honest retailers always have their numbers on the websites and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Ask for a certificate of authenticity. All items of jewellery should come with a certificate of authenticity. Look out for forged documents that may include spelling mistakes or blurred print.


To summarise, the second-hand jewellery is affordable, is available, it comes with several benefits. What you need to do is to check different retailers, contact them, ask questions. Shops like F Jewellery have a friendly staff that is always happy to help you. Feel free to request additional photos and ask questions. It will help you to make an educated choice and buy jewellery that will become one of your favourites.