December 2, 2023


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The Quarterfinals, 12/15

And with that, Round One is in the books. As you might expect in a year as weird as this one, some funky stuff is happening! OK, not too much funky stuff: LeBron James held off a feisty Steve Kornacki, the latter (and his now-famous khakis) fresh off a guest-tableting gig on Sunday Night Football. Leather-blazered legend Jerry Lorenzo managed to knock off Justin Bieber—who, you’ll recall, was once notably styled by…Jerry Lorenzo. Travis Scott’s year of dominance continued with a win over Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, while Timmy Chalamet refused to Let Love Rule and dispatched Lenny Kravitz. Tyler, the Creator strolled past Marc Jacobs, Brad Pitt eased over Deandre Hopkins, and Diplo “took this L” against Harry Styles. In perhaps the most exciting matchup of the round, Jeremy O. Harris enlisted the Haim sisters in his fight against the ageless Pharrell—who, skincare routine and all, still managed to prevail. 

All of which sets us up for a rather tasty quarterfinal round. LeBron will stare down Jerry Lorenzo, whose latest Fear of God collection is basically the present and future of luxed-up NBA style. Travis Scott and Timothée Chalamet will butt heads in a contest to secure the heart of young America. Tyler, the Creator will carry his millennial flag against the still-ageless Brad Pitt, and Harry Styles and Pharrell (who both look 19) will face off. It’s all happening on GQ’s Instagram, and your vote is everything for the next 24 hours. Check back here for the results tomorrow.

Garrett Ellwood / Getty Images

LeBron James

Moving to Florida does funny things to personal style. So it would have been entirely understandable if LeBron James, after relocating to the NBA bubble in Orlando this summer, had started wearing, like, sarongs and flip-flops. But the King is the King for a reason, and LBJ used his time at Disney World to test-drive some new style concepts: matching sets, totally unbuttoned shirts, and even a little Grateful Dead merch. Many of us turned to soft clothes during these long, homebound pandemic months. LeBron did too—but he reminded us that wearing them doesn’t have to mean giving up.