May 13, 2022


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What the hell are apartment pants?

Let’s take it back to Friends circa the early 00s. Specifically, ‘The One With Rachel’s Sister’ where Jill (Reese Witherspoon) makes an appearance as Rachel’s sister. In the episode, Phoebe refers to Jill’s “don’t-you-want-to-rent-me-this-apartment? pants” as apartment pants, and from there was born the novel and never-heard-of-before concept of apartment pants. However, the idea of apartment exclusive pants, to be worn in the sanctuary of your own home, does sound like a fantastic proposition. Rachel even went on to pitch the apartment pants to her boss at Ralph Lauren in the episode, who loved the idea. But they never did materialise and make it to our closets IRL. 

Given that 2022 has begun with us hunkering down in our apartments, maybe it’s time we make it a real thing. But what the hell are apartment pants? Could they be second-skin cycling shorts reminiscent of the ’90s or modern-day boyfriend boxers favoured by Instagram supers? 

We float 7 sartorial theories of what apartment pants could be, hypothetically speaking, were they real. Our top contenders include comfort-first ‘fits that headline our current quarantine-chic line-up.


Sweats have emerged as the unequivocal sartorial winner of the pandemic. Earlier seen as a sign of defeat – as Karl Lagerfeld famously stated – sweats can be easily adapted for on and off-duty days. They are as much an everyday WFH staple as they are after-hours party stalwarts. Sweats and joggers are our top contenders for apartment pants – boxy blazers give it a directional spin while Tee’s take it in a laidback direction. 

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Wide-legged pants

Wide-leg pants are threatening to dethrone trusty sweatpants after their solid two-years reign. The voluminous silhouette facilitates freedom of movement and conveys a laidback nonchalance. With limb-lengthening superpowers, they have year-round appeal – be it pleat-front trousers or fluid pyjamas.