September 29, 2023


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Wiley College mails out care packages, new laptops for students | News

Some Wiley College students this week received some very special packages in the mail as they started their fall semester.

The university, which opted to go all online only this semester and have students learning virtually instead of in on campus classes due to COVID-19, also wanted to make sure all of its students had all the resources needed to learn online.

“We just provided all current, new and returning students with a Wiley care package containing a free Lenovo laptop, as well as a free WiFi jet pack,” Wiley College spokeswoman Maya Brown said Thursday. “We’re very excited and very proud to be able to send these and absolve any unforeseen issues our students may have as they pursue their education online this semester.”

So far, the university has mailed out more than 200 care packages containing the new, free laptops, WiFi devices and memorabilia from the university’s spirit store.

“Our first day of the fall semester was Aug. 3, so we had purchased, packaged and shipped the packages for those students who were registered through the business office,” Brown said.

She said the university’s President Herman Felton Jr. keeps a close eye on students’ needs and felt the laptops and WiFi devices would help ensure students would have everything they needed to complete the semester of online learning.

“Dr. Felton is always accessible to our students and he wants to know what their situation is,” Brown said. “Through no fault of their own, students had to continue their education online this semester and we just wanted to ensure they have all the support they need to be successful.”

The care packages are available to all Wiley College fall semester students who “opts in” or indicates a need and is financially cleared through the business office upon registration, Brown said.

“The laptops are their’s to keep — they now own them,” Brown said.

The box comes complete with a Lenovo ThinkBook laptop and a WiFi Jetpack to ensure they’re able to successfully conquer the virtual learning experience this semester.