November 30, 2023


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Wiz Khalifa Reacts to Gillie Da Kid Accusing Rapper of Getting IG Banned

Wiz Khalifa Reacts to Gillie Da Kid Accusing Rapper of Getting IG Banned

Wiz Khalifa has responded after Gillie da Kid claimed the artist got his Instagram page taken down for bullying thanks to the host’s comments about his gym attire.

The rapper and the Million Dollaz Worth of Game host started trading shots after Gillie suggested he wasn’t a fan of seeing him “in your drawers” all the time. In recent posts on IG, Wiz is often sporting compression pants or shorts when working out. “I had to unfollow him today,” said Gillie, who called Wiz a “legend” despite questioning his gym outfits. “You giving up strap-and-ball action, man.”

Having caught wind of the comments, Wiz shared a post where he joked, “Not responsible for your childhood trauma.” Gillie, in the comments, replied, “Childhood drama man put ur shorts on Wiz.” Shortly after, Gillie claimed on Twitter that he got banned for his comment. 

“I didn’t get that child’s Instagram deleted,” Wiz tweeted. “I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya.”

Gillie has maintained Wiz was responsible for his Instagram ban, and in a recent video said he believes Wiz felt he was “tearing [him] down.”

“You hurt my feelings, people were laughing at me and I don’t like to be laughed at. I feel like you were trying to bring down another Black man,” Gillie said a in voice that appeared to be mocking Wiz, claiming to have spoken directly with Khalifa. He described the rapper, who appears to be minding his own business, as “soft” and “sensitive.”

“I told you to put some shorts on,” he continued. “Extra super soft.”

In a tweet shared on Monday, Gillie da Kid told fans to follow his new page and said he’s still “shadow banned” from the social media network.

In more music-oriented Wiz news, the video for “Iced Out Necklace,” co-directed by Dre and Khalifa, dropped Monday: