12 of the Best Accessories to Personalize Your Kindle

12 of the Best Accessories to Personalize Your Kindle

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One of the best things about any hobby is all the merch that comes with it. Whether it’s a sport, an art form, or a pastime, every hobby comes with its own shorthand, inside jokes, and more stickers, buttons, and decals than you could imagine. Reading is no exception. Some people can indulge in an activity without making it their entire personality, but I am not one of those people. I’m out to collect every bookish-branded thing that Etsy offers, one paycheck at a time.

My book swag world opened up a few months ago when I finally purchased a Kindle. I had been using the Kindle app on my phone or iPad for a while but found that I would subconsciously switch to a scrolling app of choice if my attention drifted. I wanted a reading-only device, and it didn’t hurt that it gave me a chance to expand my collection of bookish accessories. There were new decisions to make! Which stickers did I want to use for decoration? Was a case necessary? Would a pop socket make reading easier or storing more difficult? The possibilities seemed endless.

Below, I’ve shared some of the wealth of my Kindle accessory research. A lot of these products would work for any ereader, and there are many varieties to explore. Of course, I have the excess covered, but even if you’re seeking the no-frills options, there is something in this round-up for you.

Pop Sockets for your Kindle

clear resin pop socket featuring dried flowers and the words books over people

Pretty flowers decorate a blunt message on this lovely little pop socket. $27

several different colors of heart shaped pop sockets

If you’re looking for a smaller silhouette and a simpler grip, these vibrant heart-shaped pop sockets are just the ticket. $15

Protective Kindle Cases

a hard black kindle case with a pattern of moon, clouds, and stars

Hard cases are excellent protection for any ereader and can be found in endlessly creative patterns. This celestial case is perfect for a fantasy fan. $52

a stack of fabric kindle sleeves in different floral patterns

This floral fabric sleeve is just as lovely at a lower price point than the case above. Choose from a bunch of different patterns, and never worry about scratching your Kindle again. $15

Decorative Kindle Accessories

inage of a kindle with a small black ghost-shaped plug in the usb port at the bottom

Decoration meets function with this fabulous little ghost charm. The charm plugs into the USB port to protect it from dust and brighten your day! $9

peach, beige, and brown checkered kindle skin displayed on the back and front of a kindle

If your case needs skew more fashion than protection, there are Kindle skins for every single personality. This peachy beige checker pattern comes with a front and back decal. $17

lavender painted wall with a white hand holding a sticker that says Raven's Kindle

Want everyone to know that Kindle is yours? Get a personalized sticker that will leave nothing to question. Available in many fonts and styles! $7

a hand holding a sticker that has pastel letters spelling out emotional support kindle on a black background

There are millions of stickers you can use to decorate your Kindle, but why not choose one that tells it like it really is? This is your emotional support Kindle sticker. $6

Functional Kindle Support

a pear-shaped pillow crocheted in chunky fuschia yarn with a pocket for a kindle and a side pocket for accessories

I’ve never seen anything like this delightful little pear-shaped pillow, and I’m obsessed. Prop up your Kindle and get cozy to read! $40

a dark wood plack with a slot that holds a white ipad

Utilitarian, but it still takes my breath away. Simple and strong, this wooden plank will prop up your reader without drawing any focus from your decor. $55

Hopefully, you’ve found something in this post to pique your interest. Looking for more bookish accessory ideas? Check out this round-up of personalized bookish goods. Did this post finally make you want to buy a Kindle? We’ve got you covered with this comparison article. Happy buying and happy reading!