October 4, 2023


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Beauty influencer accused of stealing after using hair product designed for Black women

Beauty influencer accused of stealing after using hair product designed for Black women

A TikTok natural beauty influencer was dragged on line for allegedly thieving hair items from individuals of shade simply because she utilised a hair merchandise created by a Black-owned model in 1 of her elegance tutorials.

TikTok splendor guru Danielle Athena recently enraged social media people for using “Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil” in a viral TikTok video clip. Her critics claimed Athena, a White female, experienced stolen the item, as it was intended for “people of coloration.”

Though the hair products experienced been advertised by its brand as a item for “all hair sorts,” social media critics echoed the criticism and prompted the elegance vlogger to delete the video. 

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A White beauty vlogger was heavily criticized for using a hard care product made by a Black-owned brand.

A White beauty vlogger was intensely criticized for making use of a difficult treatment solution produced by a Black-owned manufacturer.

During Athena’s allegedly problematic hair treatment tutorial – published in December 2022 – the vlogger brushed out her hair and applied a portion of the hair oil to her scalp. She then utilized the same oil to the rest of her hair, which she place again into a ponytail to dry for numerous hrs prior to washing it.

The online video caught the adverse consideration of one particular Twitter user whose charge that Athena was thieving from Black females begun the backlash.

“White women steal from black gals and just be doing s—,” the person, @aprettyPR, tweeted.

In a prolonged Twitter thread on the topic, the user described her aggravation with Athena employing the product, tweeting, “And it really is not only about her oiling her hair. But we have noticed it 2x exactly where [White women] get a hold of a ‘black’ solution and then the corporation changes the system to superior accommodate them. leaving black females in the dust. it truly is okay to aggravated by it.” 

Yet another blogger on TikTok, named Ronelle, requested White females to “take into consideration solutions” to hair care items designed for Black women of all ages, emphasizing that there are much less possibilities. 

“Being aware of all the things that you know, does it not feel a tiny unusual to still purchase the item, then go on line and buzz it, and convey to everyone else to acquire the products?” the blogger claimed. “And if it won’t feel a little weird, why not?” 


A TikTok influencer was criticized for using a hair oil designed primarily for Black women.

A TikTok influencer was criticized for applying a hair oil made primarily for Black women of all ages.
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The product’s website, Mielleorganics.com, does demonstrate that it is made to work with normally non-White hair, stating, “Use it on protective types, like braids and weaves, and delight in its contemporary, invigorating scent throughout your subsequent scorching oil remedy.”

Though the web site also statements the item is for “Formulated for all hair types and textures.”

Nonetheless, users on Twitter argued that Athena’s video clip is stopping Black individuals from accessing the merchandise as it was supposed. 

“When a product or service designed FOR POC [people of color] is then used and popularized by non POC, organizations are inclined to change ingredients and formulation to in good shape the greater part of who is obtaining the merchandise,” one particular tweeted. “Indicating it will no for a longer time operate the same for the specific consumers.”

The criticism aimed at Athena, who has 49,000 followers on TikTok, induced her to delete her video clip.  


Some customers, even so, said White buyers utilizing the hair oil would be a enterprise accomplishment for Mille Organics, and should be seen as these. 

“Enable me give you a different perspective,” TikTokker Christina Slays mentioned. “Do you know how difficult it is to get one more demographic, devoid of branding to that demographic? That is large. … This is an accomplishment for her, and I truly feel like she won’t be able to enjoy that moment for the reason that of all that controversy.” 

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Mille Organics posted on Twitter that the enterprise “has no ideas to adjust the method for Rosemary Mint Oil or any of our products and solutions.”